About Us

Vidxr is how I’m able to share with you various music videos from public sources.  Through social sharing mechanism such as copy and paste of a shared URL of a music video from YouTube and elsewhere, I’m able to curate various music videos that I think you would be able to enjoy most.  I sure hope you will like my music video picks.  If you think I have done an awesome job in grouping great music videos together in one place, please come back soon and also tell your friends and family members about Vidxr.

About me:  My name is Vinh Nguyen, and I’m the founder of Vidxr.  I’m also an aspiring musician.  Why aspiring?  I’m not a professional musician, because I’ve learned how to make music and play some music all on my own.  I got no professional training or education from trained musicians.  Anyhow, so far I’ve been able to write songs and make music quite decently.  I sure hope you will be able to enjoy my music on Vidxr too.